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Head of Apple in Europe, Middle East & Africa resigns - report
Pascal Cagni, Apple's vice president of operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has left the company, according to a new report.

Apple's iOS grows to 23% of worldwide smartphone shipments
Apple continues to gain share in the worldwide smartphone market, as the latest data shows the iOS mobile operating system accounted for nearly a quarter of all smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2012.

Foxconn's investment in Sharp yields new iPhone display plant
Foxconn plans to use its newfound partnership with Sharp to build a new plant in China that will produce screens for Apple's iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook often sits with random employees at lunch
A new feature on Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook describes him as a down-to-earth leader who is easy to talk to, and makes people easily forget that he is the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world.

Apple shows interest in iOS stylus with optical sensor, haptic feedback
Apple has explored building different kids of styluses compatible with the iPhone and iPad, including an optical stylus, and a handheld pointer with haptic feedback.

Rumor: Google, Asus to release joint 7-inch tablet in July
Google and Asus are gearing up to release a co-developed 7-inch tablet in July with initial shipments of 600,000 units, according to a new unverified report.

Actor John Malkovich amused by Siri in new iPhone 4S commercials
John Malkovich is the latest celebrity to star in television commercials from Apple and Verizon touting the convenience of the Siri voice assistant feature of the iPhone 4S.

GameFly rental service announces plan to publish iOS, Android games
Subscription game rental service GameFly announced on Wednesday that it will begin publishing titles for iOS and Android and will also open a game store on Android later this year.

Apple says DoJ lawsuit 'fundamentally flawed,' could harm consumers
In a Tuesday court filing with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Apple claims that the Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit regarding alleged e-book price fixing sends the wrong message to the market by retroactively questioning a 'perfectly proper' business strategy.

Mountain Lion to bring offline mode to Safari Reading List
A feature in Apple's upcoming OS X Mountain Lion will bring extended functionality to the Safari web browser by caching saved pages for perusal when away from an internet connection.

Apple gets go-ahead to build North Carolina fuel cell installation
Following a relatively short approval period, the North Carolina Utilities Commision in Raleigh on Wednesday gave Apple the green light to move ahead with plans to build a 4.8-megawatt fuel cell installation at the company's Maiden data facility.

Jury finds Google Android didn't violate Oracle's patents
A 10-person federal jury has found unanimously that Google didn't infringe on Oracle's patents when developing the Android mobile operating system.

Microsoft working on new native iOS apps for Outlook Web App, Lync
This fall, Microsoft plans to release two new native iOS applications on the App Store featuring the Metro user interface: Outlook Web App for Exchange 2012 users, and an updated mobile version of the Lync communications platform, AppleInsider has learned.

Seagate to acquire Mac storage provider LaCie for $186 million
Mac peripheral maker LaCie announced on Wednesday that it will be acquired by hard drive maker Seagate for $186 million.

Rumor: Microsoft to launch Office for Apple's iOS in November
Microsoft Office, the industry leading productivity suite, will be coming to Apple's iPad, as well as Android-based tablets, this November, a new rumor claims.

Apple, Samsung fail to reach agreement in court-ordered talks
After two days of settlement talks involving each of the companies' chief executives, Apple and Samsung failed to reach an agreement that would end their sprawling patent infringement suits.

Samsung, Sony begin enforcing minimum prices on HDTVs to grow margins
Sony and Samsung, two of the world's largest TV makers, have begun enforcing minimum prices on their sets, in an effort to aid brick-and-mortar retailers and improve margins in the cutthroat HDTV business.

IBM bans Apple's Siri from its internal networks for security
Because the Siri and Dictation features for iOS must be sent to Apple to be converted to text, IBM has barred the use of them from its corporate networks, citing security concerns.

Apple designer Jonathan Ive says current projects are his 'most important' work
While visiting his home country of the U.K. to be knighted, Apple design chief Jonathan Ive said in an interview that he will most likely be remembered for the projects he is currently working on because they feel like "the most important and the best work" that his team has ever done.

Dell feeling iPad pressure after soft notebook sales, earnings miss
Though it didn't mention the iPad by name, PC maker Dell did say that "alternative mobile computing devices" had an impact on its sales that contributed to poor performance last quarter.

Apple expected to spend $27 billion on semiconductors in 2012
A new analysis expects Apple to remain the the world's biggest chip buyer this year, projecting $27 billion worth of semiconductor purchases from the company in 2012.

Apple iPad drives 124% growth in global tablet shipments, study says
In its Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report released on Tuesday, NPD DisplaySearch found that the tablet market continues to exhibit strong growth mainly being fueled by Apple's hot-selling iPad.

Apple's mammoth size said to dictate tech investment strategies
The sheer size and reach that Apple has come to enjoy over the past few years has forced some analysts to assess tech companies not only based on merits, but how they line up with the iPad maker's current and future plans.

Apple update brings RAW support for 6 new cameras
Apple on Tuesday released a system-wide update that adds RAW image support for six new cameras.

ARM-based Windows RT seen confusing consumers, benefitting Apple
The launch of ARM-based tablets and computers later this year running Windows RT is expected by one analyst to confuse consumers, potentially pushing even more of them to Apple's tightly integrated ecosystem.

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Macintosh Products Guide - New Arrivals:

Toon Boom Animate
Toon Boom Animate is a leading stand-alone animation software solution that combines advanced animation tools with a user friendly interface to build creative animations fast. Animate works with QuickTime, Final Cut Pro and the iPod, and offers creative and professional users access to powerful vector-based drawing tools, superior timeline with symbols, a robust library, lip syncing, interactive camera tools, special effects and compositing conveniently set in one flexible application at a low cost.
SiteGrinder 2
Forget about the difficulties of building a professional quality website; Media Lab's SiteGrinder 2 plug-in converts Adobe Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) into a powerful, intuitive website development system that makes it easy. SiteGrinder 2 and Photoshop are everything you need to create gorgeous websites that look exactly like your Photoshop designs. With the click of a button, SiteGrinder 2 effortlessly transforms Photoshop files into professional quality, CSS-rich webpages. SiteGrinder 2 gives complete control over every aspect of your website's design and functionality ... all without leaving Photoshop. SiteGrinder 2 writes the HTML, CSS and other web programming code so you don't have to.
Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo
Animals are on the loose! The delivery train has come to town, dropping off all of the animals for the Bobland Bay Zoo.  Unfortunately, there is no Bobland Bay Zoo!  Monkeys have moved into the school playground, alligators are in the swimming pool, and the lion has taken over the Mayor's office! Work doubletime with Bob and his Can-Do Crew to get the zoo built and make homes for all the animals. Complete fun and educational activities. Earn stickers for your building achievements, and create your own scenes in the bonus sticker book mode. Can-Do Zoo teaches creative thinking and problem solving skills by encouraging children to think about screative solutions. Three different skill levels.
The MoneyWorks family of accounting software provides a range of feature rich but easy-to-use solutions for small-to-medium organisations. Whether you operate from home or have several hundred staff, there is a MoneyWorks solution for you. MoneyWorks is the accounting software that can do the things the others can't: from simple things like making your valuable transaction data easily accessible, through to the more powerful, such as being able to prepare complex three-dimensional weighted cross-tabulations on your sales data-it's all about getting information to improve management decision making. MoneyWorks is robust, fast, and scalable yet simple and user-friendly, with an excellent audit trail and superior reporting capabilities.
Intelligent Light's Fieldview
Powerful CFD and CAE post-processing from FIELDVIEW quickly identifies important flow features and characteristics and allows interactive exploration to develop a thorough understanding. Examine and compare cases, extract critical values, and make compelling presentations that make an impact. Use FieldView to gain full understanding...automate & optimize...prove your point. FieldView has been chosen by more engineering analysts than any other dedicated post-processor and has built its success on meeting the needs of mission-critical CFD. Getting started with FieldView is easy using the free demo version or a complimentary evaluation to explore your own data.
PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Mac OS X
PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.9 for Mac OS X provides comprehensive, non-stop disk encryption for Mac OS X, enabling quick, cost-effective protection for data on desktops, notebooks, and removable media. The encrypted data is continuously safeguarded from unauthorized access, providing strong security for intellectual property, customer and partner data, and corporate brand equity.
Markler is a highly functional, easy to use full service Office Management System (OMS) that is flexible enough to fulfill the requirements of any Real Estate Office. Includes Closing Manager, Listing Manager, Contact Manager, Lead Management & Routing, Unlimited Document Storage, Transaction File Distribution, Customer Data Collection, Closing Reports, Listing Reports, Customer Access Portal, Lock-Box & Sign Tracking, Inter-Office Messaging, Fully Integrated Day Planner, Single System Licensing (Unlimited Users).
QuarkXPress 8
Inspired by the designer's passion for perfection, QuarkXPress 8 complements the way creatives work. Move freely through the application using the modern, intuitive interface of QuarkXPress 8, be adventurous by sharing your print content across media with built-in Web and Flash authoring tools, and maintain control to achieve stunning text with designer-driven typography. Work faster and smarter with native Illustrator file import and Photoshop support, improved picture, illustration, and text tools, fully customizable hanging characters, advanced baseline grids, and more. You constantly strive to do better and improve - employ software developed to help get you there. QuarkXPress 8 - Xperience Design.
iLinc 10
iLinc provides easy-to-use web and video conferening solutions that make meeting online better than being there. With a native Macintosh client, iLinc is the preferred provider of collaborative online meetings, engaging webinars and virtual classroom sessions as well as one-on-one support sessions. iLinc liberates people by enabling them to get more done, travel less, achieve work / life balance and preserve the environment.
BusySync allows multiple users to share and edit iCal calendars on a local area network and/or sync with Google Calendar. With BusySync it's incredibly easy to share iCal calendars with family or coworkers without the need for a dedicated server. Shared calendars can be viewed and edited by multiple users and changes are instantly published and synchronized with all users on the network. You can even make changes to shared calendars while offline and your changes will sync when you reconnect to the network. In BusySync 2.0 is the ability to sync iCal with Google Calendar, allowing you to view and edit your calendar on the web from any computer, anywhere. BusySync is a Mac OS X System Preference Pane that runs in the background and adds calendar sharing capabilities to iCal.
Designed and manufactured to exacting standards exclusively for Apple's MacBook family of laptop computers, the FIN is a durable stand/handle combo unit constructed from durable 100% aircraft-grade aluminum. The FIN boasts a beautiful powder coated finish that perfectly matches the MacBook Pro. The FIN is also available in black or white powder coated finishes to compliment Apple's black and white MacBooks. The FIN attaches simply and boasts equally easy removal. When installed, the FIN tilts the MacBook to a perfect ergonomic angle for typing and screen viewing. The FIN also serves as a convenient handle that not only makes carrying the computer easier, but much safer by providing the user with an area for a firm grip, thereby helping prevent drops that can either severally damage or altogether destroy the computer. When installed the FIN assists with the dissipation of processor-generated heat, increasing product longevity in the process.
Smilebox is a creative photo sharing service that extends what you can do with iPhoto, iTunes and Photo Booth. You can combine your photos, videos and music with animated designs you can email, post to a website, blog or print. Smilebox is a free service with premium upgrades for print, more music choices, and ad-free playbacks.
MacSpeech Dictate
The premier speech recognition solution for Mac OS X. With MacSpeech Dictate Wireless Solution you focus on what you have to say; just think it, speak it, and create it. It's that simple. MacSpeech Dictate provides amazing speech recognition accuracy and easily works with the applications you already have, including Mac OS X apps like Mail, iChat, iPhoto, and more. MacSpeech Dictate even controls your Mac; just speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate executes it for you. MacSpeech Dictate requires no more than five minutes of training and is as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself.
IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)
IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) brings legendary online transaction performance (OLTP), reliability scalability, near hands free administration and new clustering capabilities for Mac OS X solutions. Developers and solution providers love IDS for the way it can be administered from within an application and appear invisible to the end customer. "Set it and forget it" is the favorite quote of IDS fans worldwide. The latest high availability features provide endless ways to configure clusters of servers to scale out for high throughput, high availability, and optimal use of hardware investments.
GhostReader is a powerful, yet easy to use multilingual text-to-speech solution for Mac OS X that reads aloud PDF, Word and other documents as well as selected text in any application. It can also convert any text to audio files, MP3s, or bookmarkable audiobooks for playback on iPhone and iPod. Use it to save time, to proof read your own writing or to learn the pronunciation of foreign languages or to improve your reading and listening comprehension. Sit back and relax while GhostReader reads for you!
Flip Boom
Flip Boom is the leading animation software solution for kids of all ages. Flip Boom's easy to use animation toolset for children and schools works with QuickTime and the iPod, and runs on Mac OS X. Winner of the 2008 Parents' Choice Gold Award, Flip Boom is a fun and creative solution for developing quality animations quickly.
Gracion Enclose
Gracion Enclose sends large files to any recipient with amazing ease, and without email-attachment limitations. When one or more files are dragged, uploads to a server (.Mac, FTP, AFP, SMB, WebDAV) and creates a template-based email containing a download link. Includes draggable URLs, iChat Presence, automatic server file management, message archiving, auto-zip packaging, auto-QuickTime flattening, Spotlight importer, Quick Look plugin. Pre-configured for .Mac and Gmail.
KeySkin Keyboard Protector
Gadget Wrap KeySkin Keyboard Protector series for Apple wired and wireless keyboards, as well as MacBook keyboards. Each Gadget Wrap KeySkin Keyboard Protector is made from super thin, high quality, durable silicone to ensure it provides keyboards with exceptional protection and a tailor-made fit. Available in a variety of colors, the Gadget Wrap KeySkin Keyboard Protectors help guard and protect against liquid spills, food crumbs, dirt and dust, and other contaminates that can easily damage or destroy a keyboard. What's more, Gadget Wrap KeySkin Keyboard Protectors even help extend keyboard life by reducing normal day-to-day wear and tear.
IDX Renditioner for Google SketchUp
IDX Renditioner is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that provides high-quality photorealistic rendering - fast and easily. Renditioner works directly within SketchUp and lets users control materials textures, lighting, and environments. It is simple enough for novices, yet powerful enough for professionals. It is "one button" easy with powerful features optimized in a jargon-free interface. Simplicity paired with speed means users achieve their design visualization objectives more quickly. Renditioner offers 16 megapixel renderings for large-scale printing and powerful presentation of designs. And performance? It supports multithreading with speed that can be seen on multi-core machines like the Mac Pro.
Checkout 2.0 Point of Sale for Mac
Checkout is the powerful, yet easy to use point of sale system for the rest of us. Together with a Mac and the right peripherals, Checkout offers a complete solution for your retail business at an affordable price. Get a Mac. Start a Store. Checkout 2.0 now features multi-user functionality, integration with AccountEdge and Quickboks and credit card processing.
Fashion Fits
Francie just got a new job at the Uber-Mart clothing store. The only problem is she's the only employee! Help Francie run a fast paced clothing store by stocking tables, cleaning fitting rooms, providing customer service, and more! It's up to you to set the fashion trends by purchasing new clothing. And don't worry about your mean boss! Complete the first year at Uber-Mart and then help Francie open up her own line of clothing stores from a sunny beach boutique to a posh department store!
Kudos Rock Legend
Do you want to be a Rock Star? Then this new game from the makers of Kudos and Democracy is just for you. The game is part RPG, part life-sim, part Tycoon game. You are a struggling rock singer who puts together their own band, and tries to achieve fame and fortune, from humble beginnings as a starving garage-band. Pick your band-members, choose the band name, write the songs, play the gigs, etc. Rock Legend is a turn-based game. Each turn of the game represents a single day, and it's up to you to decide how the band spends their time. Some of the activities you will need to spend time on include songwriting, rehearsals, auditions, publicity events, practicing individual instruments, and of course, recording your latest album. The game has sophisticated AI that controls your band members (you are the singer, they are your backing band) and decides how motivated, energetic and happy they are. If you work the band too hard, arrange poorly-attended gigs, and don't provide your band with the lifestyle they expect, you will have resignations on your hands. Running a successful band is part financial management, part people-management, and part creative struggle. Would you survive the music business?
Skype for Mac OS X
Make free voice and video calls to anyone who uses Skype, anywhere in the world, with this exciting software. Chat with friends, conference call with up to 10 people at the same time, transfer files without clogging up your email. You can even call phones and send SMS messages at really cheap rates. It's free to download and easy to use. New in Skype for Mac 2.7: Leopard-compatible; VGA (640x480) native resolution video calls; Apple address book integration; and updated file transfer to help you manage multiple files.
Safe Eyes Parental Controls
Safe Eyes Parental Control Software for Mac is the ideal online protection for your entire family! Safe Eyes makes it easy to block objectionable material, limit time spent online, block instant messenger chats and receive instant alerts if questionable activity occurs!  Its filtering servers are refreshed daily so your parental controls are always up-to-date.  Safe Eyes stores all of its settings on secure servers so your children can be protected regardless of which computer they use in your house. Start protecting your family with the award-wining Safe Eyes today!
Send the housing market through the roof as you build, buy, and sell houses in the new strategy game, Build-a-lot! You can flip houses for quick cash or sit back and watch the rental income pile up. Become a real estate mogul as you visit scenic towns, earn huge profits and perform special favors for the colorful local mayors. Can you build a new cinema for the local movie star? Build a new ice rink for the Olympics? Install a bowling alley in the Mayor's Mansion? No problem! There's plenty to do and lots of fun ahead in Build-a-lot!
UN-SCAN-IT Version 5.2 software for Mac OS X makes digitizing graphs easy. UN-SCAN-IT automatically converts scanned graphs to (x,y) data using a drag and drop interface, colored data line follower, improved grid line filters, and a graphical (x,y) data eraser.  UN-SCAN-IT works with any scanner or image input device, and can be used to digitize journal graphs, strip chart output, old graphs, or any other hard-copy graph. The UN-SCAN-IT software can also integrate peak areas, smooth data, take derivatives, enhance data resolution, edit and append data, re-scale graphs, and store data in ASCII format for use in other software packages.
Meet Bento, the new personal database from FileMaker that's as easy to use as your Mac. Bento brings your important information together in one place to help you get organized. So you can manage your contacts, coordinate events, track projects, prioritize tasks, and more - faster and easier than ever before. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard.
OmniFocus 1.0
Task management shouldn't be your full time job. We've built OmniFocus to take a load off your mind by managing your tasks the way that you want, freeing you to focus your attention on the things that matter to you most. Finish that novel. Spend more time with your friends and family. Grow your business. Let us worry about keeping your goals and tasks, both personal and professional, in one ordered, easy to access system that you can depend on.
iClipboard 1.1
iClipboard is the ultimate clipboard manager. It keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard from any application. When you need to go back and paste a clipping from the history, iClipboard appears from the side of your screen so you can preview and paste any clipping--you're no longer limited to pasting just the last thing copied to the clipboard. Class-leading features include unlimited history, dynamic previews of clippings, paste clippings in a single click, Quick Look previews for file clippings, unlimited projects, and more.
The Missing Sync for iPhone
The Missing Sync for iPhone helps migrating smartphone users switch to the iPhone. Easily transfer your calendar, contacts, photos and more from your old BlackBerry, Palm OS or Window Mobile smartphone to your iPhone. Then, start syncing your SMS messages, call logs and notes to your Mac. Transfer notes from your iPhone into Bare Bones Yojimbo, Microsoft Entourage or the included Mark/Space Notebook to search or copy and paste content easily. Keep a copy of every SMS message you send and receive on your Mac. Archive your incoming, outgoing and missed calls to your Mac for your time tracking or billing purposes.
Flip Words 2
Click letters to make words and solve thousands of familiar phrases in this exciting sequel to Flip Words--one of most addictive words games around. Flip Words 2 builds on the fun and challenging gameplay of the original by adding exciting new game modes, visual themes, and a wider variety of phrase categories. Test your word making skills in "Classic" mode and, for an intriguing change of pace, try the new "Strategy" mode where you earn and spend tokens to help you solve the phrase. If you want to share in the fun, then try your luck on-line in the exciting new multiplayer "Party" mode where you can play cooperatively with up to three other players for medals and high scores. In addition to solving phrases, you can even create your own for other players to enjoy using the built-in phrase editor! Flip Words 2 features include: click on letters to make words and solve phrases; download new phrases every time you play for virtually endless gaming; three modes to play including "Classic", "Strategy" and the multiplayer "Party" mode; create your own phrases for others to enjoy using the built-in editor; enjoy numerous visual themes, music tracks and hi-res graphics; see how you match up against others with online high scores lists.
CrystalMaker 8.0 for Mac
CrystalMaker is a program for building, displaying and manipulating all kinds of crystal and molecular structures - with real-time photorealistic graphics and "out-of-the-screen" 3D display. CrystalMaker has powerful input/output capabilities, with support for major structural database formats, export of ultra-high resolution graphics, QuickTime movies and QTVR objects - plus menu commands for simulating diffraction patterns (working with our "SingleCrystal" and "CrystalDiffract" programs).
GraphPad Prism 5
GraphPad Prism is a powerful combination of basic biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing. What makes Prism the program of choice for many of the world's leading universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies? Prism has all the capabilities you would expect from a top notch 2D scientific graphics program, but what makes Prism truly unique is not what it does, but how it does it. Designed for the practical scientist, Prism does not expect you to be a statistician. It guides you through each analysis - giving you as much help as you need - and tracks and organizes your work like no other program available. You can concentrate on your data, not fight with your software.
MYOB AccountEdge 2008
AccountEdge is small business accounting and management software for Mac which automates, organizes, and processes all your business tasks and financial information, so you can focus on your business. Create and track sales and purchases from quote to order to invoice or bill, manage your banking, process payroll, inventory and jobs, track and bill time, actively manage your customers, sync contacts, create budgets, and access over 200 financial reports to start and maintain a well-organized, successful small business. AccountEdge also has optional small business services: credit card processing, direct deposit, certified payroll forms, and full service payroll.
MacPractice MD V3 with Integrated EMR/Imaging
MacPractice MD V3 is comprehensive medical practice management software (Leopard AND Tiger compatible) with integrated EMR and Imaging options. MacPractice features patient and insurance billing, e-claims with ERA, powerful "to do" and "instant report" capabilities, advanced scheduling, fully integrated word processing, and lab interfaces. MacPractice offers iPhone and Web interfaces. MacPractice integrates with third-party EMR applications. MacPractice utilizes state-of-the-art, industrial strength MySQL and capitalizes on all current and future Apple technologies.
Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The Pointwise software cuts the time to generate high-quality CFD meshes through its flat, intuitive graphical interface. In addition, it provides shortcuts through the meshing process like a new automated assembly procedure that builds three-dimensional volume grids from a jumble of grid components with a simple click of a button. Pointwise's usability is further enhanced by a multiple-level undo and redo capability with a user configurable number of levels.
Paragon NTFS for Mac OSX
Paragon NTFS for Mac OS breaks the border between Windows and Mac OS, solving an important communication problem in their file systems providing reliable, rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS volumes under Mac OS X.

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Yahoo! News - Latest News & Headlines:

The boy who touched the president’s hair

White House.The story behind a photograph showing a 5-year-old black boy touching President Obama's hair--which has been hanging in the West Wing of the White House for more than three years--may be coming to your inbox soon.

Obama is ahead in swing states, but his lead narrows

President Barack Obama smiles while speaking at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, Calif., Wednesday, May 23, 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)President Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in Florida, Ohio and Virginia, according to new polls of the key 2012 swing states, although Obama's advantage has narrowed in recent months.

Man confesses to strangling Etan Patz

NYPD spokesman Paul Brown holds an original missing poster of Etan Patz during a news conference near a New York City apartment building, where police and FBI agents were searching a basement for clues in the boy's 1979 disappearance, in New YorkThe New York City police commissioner says a man in custody has implicated himself in the death of Etan Patz, the boy whose disappearance 33 years ago sparked the movement to put the faces of missing children on milk cartons.

Cell phone users prefer Obama, landline users like Romney

Obama Goes After Romney's Time at BainPolitical pollsters have been under pressure to make sure their samples include Americans who rely solely on cell phones—and the latest NBC News/Marist polls of Florida, Ohio and Virginia exhibit why.

Can Meg Whitman save Hewlett Packard?

FILE - In a Friday, March 9, 2012 file photo, Hewlett Packard CEO and President Meg Whitman speaks at a conference on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, Calif. HP is in the midst of a turnaround under a new chief, former eBay Inc. CEO Whitman. Hewlett-Packard Co. showed signs of recovery in the first three months of the year as it strengthened its position as the world's largest maker of personal computers and gained back some of the business it had lost while weighing whether to dump its PC division. HP's stock jumped nearly 7 percent by early afternoon Thursday, April 12, 2012, the first trading day since research groups Gartner and IDC released their quarterly PC shipment estimates. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)The former eBay executive who was hired as H-P chief last September announced the company would lay off about eight percent of its 300,000 workforce over the next two years, one of many changes that are coming to the troubled personal computer maker.

Katie's Take: Mistakes that twentysomethings make

Katie Couric talks to a clinical psychologist about some of the mistakes recent college grads make…and how to avoid them.

Fleet Week kicks off in NYC
Fleet Week kicks off in NYCIn this May 23, 2012 photo released by Starpix, singer Katy Perry wears a patriotic dress as she performs at a Pepsi-sponsored event at Brooklyn Pier 9A, kicking off Fleet Week in New York. (AP Photo/Starpix, Amanda Schwab)
Santorum endorses Ted Cruz in Texas Senate race

Ted Cruz, former Texas Solicitor General, is seen during a Feb. 1, 2012 debate at the Texas Association of Business 2012 Annual Conference at the AT&T Conference, in Austin, Texas. In many ways, Ted Cruz started preparing for a U.S. Senate race almost 30 years ago, and for many Texas Republicans, he’s the candidate they’ve sought after for almost as long. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Deborah Cannon) MAGS OUT; NO SALES; INTERNET AND TV MUST CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER AND STATESMAN.COM"Ted Cruz is spellbinding, a tremendous orator and principled," Santorum said on Glenn Beck's radio show Thursday morning, according to Santorum's staff.

Alleged Lego scammer sold 2,100 boxes through website, cops say

Alleged Lego Scammer Sold 2,100 Boxes Through Website, Cops SayThe California software exec arrested for allegedly switching bar codes on high priced Lego sets resold them online through "TomsBrickyard."

Photos: Rare photos from an A-Bomb test in 1955
Photos: Rare photos from an A-Bomb test in 1955
Hillary Clinton: U.S. hacked al-Qaida sites

Secretary Hillary Clinton: We Hacked Yemen Al Qaeda SitesIn a rare glimpse into cyber warfare tactics, a top U.S. official has explicitly acknowledged that the U.S. government hacked into websites run by Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, changing advertisements that boasted about killing Americans into advertisements that underscored the deaths of Muslim civilians...

Presidential vote polarizes Egyptians

A woman shows her ink-stained finger after casting her vote at a polling station in CairoEgyptians, choosing their leader freely for the first time in history, voted for a second day on Thursday in an election that is a fruit of last year's popular revolt against Hosni Mubarak.

Chen's brother flees east China village for Beijing

Blind activist Chen Guangcheng left China for the United States on May 19The brother of a blind Chinese activist who triggered a diplomatic row between Beijing and Washington arrived in the capital Thursday after escaping his heavily guarded home, a rights lawyer said.

Romney’s second TV ad focuses on deficit and China trade
Mitt Romney is out with his second TV ad of the general election, a spot that continues the theme of what he would do on "day one" of his presidency. Romney's first ad, released last Friday, focused on the presumptive Republican nominee's pledges to approve the Keystone pipeline, to repeal President Barack Obama's health care [...]
NY Senate bill seeks to end anonymous Internet posting
Anonymity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the United States was founded, in part, thanks to Thomas Paine's anonymously written, pro-revolution pamphlet Common Sense. On the other hand, 12-year-olds who post anonymously on the internet can be rather unpleasant … Continue reading →
McGraw to give 25 homes to members of military

FILE - In this Nov. 9, 2011 file photo, country singer Tim McGraw arrives at the 45th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn. McGraw has signed a multi-album deal with Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Records, officially ending his acrimonious relationship with his only previous label, Curb Records. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file)Tim McGraw will be saluting veterans in a big way while on tour this summer.

Inside the bus during Florida drum major's fatal hazing

Inside the Bus During Drum Major Robert Champion's Fatal HazingNew documents describe a culture that considers repeated "hot seat" beatings and the final "crossing over" gauntlet that killed Robert Champion as rites of passage.

Photos: Cheetah cubs debut at the National Zoo

Cheetah keeper Gil Myers holds a one-month-old female cheetah cub, at the National Zoo in Washington, Wednesday, May 23, 2012, that was delivered via a rare caesarian section. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)Two cheetah cubs have been transported to the Smithsonian's National Zoo May 23 to be raised by hand after a risky birth three weeks ago at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology.

Searchers follow route where missing student was last seen

Mickey Shunick Disappearance: Searchers Follow Bike Route Where Missing Student Was Last SeenDozens of searches gathered to ride the route presumably taken by a missing Louisiana student.

New Orleans to lose its daily newspaper
The Times-Picayune, which won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina, announced on Thursday a plan to slash its print publication to three days a week—effectively leaving New Orleans without a daily newspaper. As part of the move, the New York Times reports that there will be "massive" layoffs at 175-year-old Times-Picayune as [...]
Bill Clinton posed with porn stars at gala he co-hosted

Do We Really Care if Bill Clinton Posed with Porn Stars?By now you've seen the photo of Bill Clinton with the porn stars, the one that began circulating on Twitter last evening and is now in Page Six, and in various other tabloids, along with faux shocked headlines like "What will Hillary say?" Nevermind that Clinton simply posed with the women, that they were fully clothed, and that chances are, if you get your picture with a porn star, you're probably not actually going to get involved with her physically. At least, we think that would be a foolish PR move. 

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Android, Apple own 80 percent of global smartphone market
Android, Apple own 80 percent of global smartphone market What a difference a year makes in the booming smartphone market. A year ago, the world's leading smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS, owned a little over half the market. Now they own more than 80 percent of it.

Two useful Automator workflows
Two useful Automator workflows Macworld's Chris Breen demonstrates some of the power of Apple's Automator by creating two helpful workflows.

Five hidden Gmail tricks for power users
Five hidden Gmail tricks for power users Whether you use Google's Gmail service at work or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics: organizing your contacts, sending emails...

Cellphone vibration syndrome and other signs of tech addiction
Cellphone vibration syndrome and other signs of tech addiction There's a growing body of research on phantom cellphone vibrations and the other problems associated with technology obsession.

Bug bounty hunters reveal eight vulnerabilities in Google services
Bug bounty hunters reveal eight vulnerabilities in Google services Security researchers unveiled eight vulnerabilities in Google services during the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam on Thursday.

Review: JBL Onbeat Xtreme speakers offer good sound, frustrating controls
Review: JBL Onbeat Xtreme speakers offer good sound, frustrating controls The Onbeat Xtreme offers exceptional sound quality, but it's not for everyone, especially those with multiple iOS devices or who want AirPlay instead of Bluetooth.

Google's Android did not infringe Oracle patents, jury finds
Google's Android did not infringe Oracle patents, jury finds Google's Android operating system does not infringe Oracle's Java patents, a jury in San Francisco found Wednesday in a setback for Oracle.

(Insider) The Macalope Daily: The day the rumors died
The Macalope Daily: The day the rumors died Don't go, DigiTimes!

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Review: Incase Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 4/4S
Review: Incase Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 4/4S Incase's Pro Slider case has an easy-to-remove bottom portion that provides ample room for your iPhone 4/4S to fit in any dock-cradle accessory.

iOS App Review: Diet Coda lets you edit your entire website from your iPad
iOS App Review: Diet Coda lets you edit your entire website from your iPad If you work on websites and want the ability to update them from your iPad, there’s no app better suited to that purpose than Panic's mobile code editor.

Review: Coda 2 significantly improves an already very good code editor
Review: Coda 2 significantly improves an already very good code editor Coda 2 adds a slew of powerful features, many of which felt like they were missing from its predecessor. While the original Coda was simply good, Coda 2 is great.

Apple claims US government sides with monopoly in ebook case
Apple claims US government sides with monopoly in ebook case The U.S. government has sided with monopoly rather than competition in bringing a case of ebook price-fixing against Apple, the company said in a filing on Wednesday.

Diary of an App Maker: What it's like to develop for iOS
Diary of an App Maker: What it's like to develop for iOS Staff writer Lex Friedman and contributor Marco Tabini teamed up to build a new iPhone game called Let's Sing. Here's Lex's behind-the-scenes look at what it's really like to build an app for the App Store.

Yahoo Axis syncs browsing between iOS and desktop
Yahoo Axis syncs browsing between iOS and desktop Yahoo plans to unveil Axis, a free browser extension and iOS app for syncing your Web browsing between devices.

Remains of the Day: Losers, weepers
Remains of the Day: Losers, weepers Samsung and Apple can't find a compromise, IBM employees lose out on Siri, and Jony Ive tears up about Apple's next great product.

Searches go full-screen in update to Google's iOS app
Searches go full-screen in update to Google's iOS app Full-screen search results highlight the changes to version 2.0.0 of Google Search. The latest update overhauls the iPhone version of the app, adding search speed improvements, an enhanced interface, and gesture tweaks for easier navigation.

TechHive: The different types of headphones illustrated
TechHive: The different types of headphones illustrated Whether your favorite audio device came with bad headphones (or no headphones at all) or your trusty cans have seen better days, at some point everyone is in the market for headphones.

Seagate to acquire storage company LaCie
Seagate to acquire storage company LaCie On Wednesday, hard drive manufacturer Seagate announced that it will acquire a controlling interest in LaCie.

Sync services gone crazy!
Sync services gone crazy! If your Mac is being bogged down by syncing and you're using Microsoft's Entourage or Outlook, Chris Breen has a way to stop the bogging.

Looking forward to WWDC
Looking forward to WWDC On this week's Macworld Podcast, senior editor Dan Moren and staff writer Lex Friedman discuss what to expect at WWDC with developer guests.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Travelin', man
The Week in iOS Accessories: Travelin', man This week’s roundup of iOS accessories features devices that let you travel, but without letting your iPad travel too far away from you.

Review: Sony Bravia KDL-46EX523 HDTV offers so-so video, great audio
Review: Sony Bravia KDL-46EX523 HDTV offers so-so video, great audio Sony's 46-inch Bravia KDL-46EX523 is a fairly basic 46-inch LED-backlit 1080p HDTV with Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in apps, and decent image quality.

(Insider) The Macalope Daily: Protesting too much
The Macalope Daily: Protesting too much Eugene Kaspersky doth.

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(Insider) Macworld Insider: Download our new Power Guides
Macworld Insider: Download our new Power Guides As a gift to our Macworld subscribers, we've created the Macworld Power Guides, a set of five short ebooks on a variety of topics. They're now available for Insiders to download for free.

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The expert's guide to Instapaper
The expert's guide to Instapaper Marco Arment's Instapaper service-and-app is a great way to save Web articles for later reading on your iPad. If you haven't tried it, here's a quick guide to getting started. And if you already use it, here are some tips for getting more out of it.

First Look: Ion's Air Pro Wi-Fi action camcorder
First Look: Ion's Air Pro Wi-Fi action camcorder Ion's Air Pro Wi-Fi offers a lot of extras, including the ability to wirelessly view and offload images and videos via Wi-Fi, great mounting hardware, fast battery charging using the wall-power USB charger, four wall-plug adapters to let you recharge in most countries, and 8GB of free storage in the cloud. Bryan Hastings takes a first look.

App Guide: Family calendaring apps and organizers for iOS
App Guide: Family calendaring apps and organizers for iOS Having a hard time balancing everyone's busy schedules? These iOS apps promise to keep events in sync for family members.

Soti SDK lets businesses remotely control iOS apps
Soti SDK lets businesses remotely control iOS apps Businesses can now remotely control enterprise mobile applications developed for Apple's mobile platform with the latest version of Soti's MobiControl Software Developer Kit for iOS, announced Tuesday.

Facebook to settle class-action suit over Sponsored Stories
Facebook to settle class-action suit over Sponsored Stories Facebook will settle a class-action lawsuit in California that accused it of appropriating its users' likenesses for its Sponsored Stories advertising feature.

Remains of the Day: Screen star
Remains of the Day: Screen star The next iPhone's screen may be embiggened, but can Tim Cook's compensation get any higher? Elsewhere, Steve Jobs gets big honors.

Facebook tests Timeline redesign
Facebook tests Timeline redesign Facebook's Timeline profiles may be getting a redesign, but this one probably won't trigger a backlash.

New X1 DVR interface takes Comcast TV to the cloud
New X1 DVR interface takes Comcast TV to the cloud Xfinity TV on the X1 platform integrates interactive, customized apps, and social media features with Comcast's traditional video services.

TechHive: Classical music downloads spearhead changes in digital music pricing
TechHive: Classical music downloads spearhead changes in digital music pricing Low-price EMI Beethoven set on the iTunes Store shows the power of downloadable music.

Five steps for great action photos
Five steps for great action photos Freeze the action, but blur the background with panning--a professional technique for awesome photos.

Mac Gems for even less cash
Mac Gems for even less cash The Mac Gems blog focuses on reviews of great, inexpensive software, but every once in a while we call your attention to past Gems that are currently even less expensive. Here are 13 Gems you can get for a steal.

New TiVo Stream to deliver shows to iOS devices
New TiVo Stream to deliver shows to iOS devices TiVo on Monday announced TiVo Stream, which will allow TiVo user to stream content to iOS devices.

TechHive: Is Instagram real photography?
TechHive: Is Instagram real photography? Is the Instagram generation destroying and cheapening "real" photography, or is the current wave of photo-filter and sharing services driving one of the most important revolutions in popular-photography history?

Report: 60TB disk drives could be a reality in 2016
Report: 60TB disk drives could be a reality in 2016 Advanced technologies such as HAMR could mean disk drive capacities from 30TB to 60TB by 2016, according to a new report by IHS iSuppli.

iOS Game Review: Batman never soars in Arkham City Lockdown
iOS Game Review: Batman never soars in Arkham City Lockdown Despite some strong visuals and voice work, this iOS adaptation of the Arkham City game series misses out on the soul of Batman. It feels like a watered-down tie-in to its superior source material.

Ion launches Air Pro line of HD sports camcorders with a social networking option
Ion launches Air Pro line of HD sports camcorders with a social networking option Tiny, wearable sports camcorders compete with Contour and GoPro and will soon offer instant online sharing.

Liberate (some of) your Google data with Takeout
Liberate (some of) your Google data with Takeout Google Takeout, which lets you download a copy of your Google presence, turns one year old next month. Does Takeout truly let you liberate your data from the search behemoth, and what does that mean, anyway?

Google finally closes Motorola Mobility acquisition
Google finally closes Motorola Mobility acquisition Google has finally closed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and will now start working on new devices while keeping Android open, it said on Tuesday.

Review: Extreme Grid case for iPhone 4 and 4S offers serious protection
The Extreme Grid case for the iPhone 4 and 4S combines ease of use with serious protection.

(Insider) The Macalope Daily: Inside job
The Macalope Daily: Inside job How does Apple do so well in the enterprise? It's an inside job.

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Sonos announces Sub subwoofer
Sonos announces Sub subwoofer Sonos, maker of high-fidelity multi-room music systems, has announced its latest component: Sub, a $699 subwoofer.

Supreme Court lets stand $675,000 fine for music downloads
Supreme Court lets stand $675,000 fine for music downloads The Supreme Court has declined to consider the petition of Joel Tenenbaum, a former doctoral student at Boston University who faces a fine of $675,000 for illegally downloading songs.

Judge deems Kodak digital camera patent invalid
Judge deems Kodak digital camera patent invalid A judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that a Kodak patent asserted in a complaint against Apple and Research In Motion is invalid.

Review: PDF Editor Pro 1.6 offers OCR and file conversion
Review: PDF Editor Pro 1.6 offers OCR and file conversion PDF Editor Pro is a reasonably good PDF editing tool that offers up some compelling features.

Copy events, delete Mail messages
Copy events, delete Mail messages Two quick tips--one from an OS X Hints reader for copying events from one calendaring app to another, the second from a Macworld editor for quickly deleting messages in Mail.

Remains of the Day: Won't you be our neighbor?
Remains of the Day: Won't you be our neighbor? Apple's started making trouble in the neighborhood, Foxconn's growing a new plant, and Samsung and Apple's CEOs prepare to get litigious.